Privacy Policy

Hi welcome, welcome. If you’ve clicked here it must mean you care a lot about your data privacy and GDPR. As social workers who deal with confidential and highly personal information, we do as well.

As such we want to put you at ease as to how we handle the information given to us, so here is Help2Tell’s privacy policy.

Personal Data I Collect

We collect your name so I don’t have to call you Sir/Madam or your children hey you in their poem. Your email address is kept so we can communicate with you and your mailing address if we are sending a product to you such as a book.

We keep this information for an agreed period of time so that we can find it again if your Mom loves it so much she wants a copy or the book ends up in the bathtub and you need a replacement.

How We Collect and Keep Your Personal Data

We suck out souls through the webcam, but that’s quite effortful so we would rather prefer if you used the forms on our website or the message feature on Facebook. This arrives in an email inbox which is tightly passworded with something that doesn’t contain our birthday dates. When you go ahead and order a poem through us, we store your information and images on our one computer and back up the external drive in my google docs (GDPR compliant companies) which again is passworded with something that isn’t our dog’s name. If you enquire and don’t complete a poem (pffft as if that’ll happen), we will delete all your personal data from my client database after the appropriate mourning period has ended, 3 months. If you do work with us (a much more happy prospect) we will hold this information for a year just in case you come back and to save yourself repeating your story. We use Sign Request (a GDPR compliant company) for contracts to contact you to use audio or video for marketing purposes of you and your family rather than writing them in blood. This would be on a request basis and not generated automatically.

Social Media

Help2Tell has articles, You Tube, Instagram and Facebook where we showcase breathtaking family connections and samples of our work. If you comment on it, it’s super public so everyone can see it, so don’t write down your personal credit card details there, you can send that directly to me.


Right of Confirmation, Access, Rectification and Erasure

In all seriousness, if you have questions about how your personal data is handled, you can drop us an email and we will quickly respond. We will happily show you the information we have on you, and unsurprisingly it’ll probably be exactly the things you told us because sadly we are neither spies nor mind readers. If some of the information is wrong, you have the right to correct it, and we definitely recommend this so we don’t end up calling your son Brutus through a whole poem when his name is Bob. If you’d like us to delete your personal data, you have the right to request it, but we wouldn’t recommend asking for that before your poem is completed, otherwise we will end up saying thingy and them in your personalized poem. We definitely need to know stuff to work with you and your family. When you’re done with us, you can totally dump and delete. We do tend to keep email addresses of our clients in the database for the duration of our relationship but only with your consent so you can be updated on deals or offered incentives. If you would fully like to close your account with us in a manner of speaking, just let us know and we can totally wipe it.

Use of Your Data

The summary of this is that we were and continue to be social workers and part of our registrations are about confidentiality. In other words, we are not going to be jerks about your information or your children’s. If you are purchasing a product such as a slideshow or a book, an outside provider who is also GDPR and privacy compliant will receive photos and non identifying information such as first names that are in your poem, to be able to complete the order. We wouldn’t give your email out to anyone else.

Our site does collect cookies, yum oh no not that kind.

A “cookie” is a small piece of text received from a website and stored on a user’s computer by a web browser. Each time the web browser requests a page from the web server this message is sent back to the web server.
We use cookies to track your visit to the Site and customise your experience of the Site we may use the information collected from the use of cookies to analyse trends, optimise the site, or for research and marketing purposes.
No personal information about you is contained in the cookie but in certain circumstances, we may match the cookie to your personal information that you disclose to us or that we already hold.
We set a cookie when you log into our website: we will use a cookie to recognise your visit until you log out or close your browser[, except if you select the “always remember me” option, in which case the cookie will remain on your computer until you log out or delete the cookie. We set a cookie where we use cookies to track your visit and access to our various pages, if you disclose personal information to us (for example, during the registration process) we may be able to match this information to the web pages that you have looked at for marketing or administrative reasons; and If you wish, you can set your browser to notify you before you receive a cookie so you have the chance to accept it and you can also set your browser to refuse to receive or send all cookies. The web site (run by the Interactive Marketing Bureau) contains step-by-step guidance on how cookies can be switched off by users.

Use of Your Face-Based Data

When it comes to your images, the EU hasn’t gotten too specific about what that means but that we need to demonstrate reasonable and legitimate use. We can tell you that we won’t be selling your images to be used in a butt cream commercial. We won’t be selling them at all.

We store images of your lovely faces and those you send to us on our one computer and password encrypted hard drives in my house that is behind a double locked door. It’s a really good quality lock because we like our dog, kid, and stuff (not necessarily in that order, you decide). We generally keep these for 1 years so that you can have access at a later date.

GDPR Compliance and Privacy Achieved

We guess all you really need to know is that we are nice human beings who want to be able to do our job but won’t use your information or images for purposes you did not agree to