About Us

Help 2 Tell is a social enterprise that we started when we as donor-conceived parents couldn’t find a book that explained the unique way our family came together. We already knew how important sharing this with children is from our work in adoption. There had been times when children didn’t know they had siblings or a birth parent had died. We believe that every child’s story needs a beginning and with our bespoke poems you can start the conversation with your child and help them know who they are and where they came from.

Meet The Team

Kim McPherson

Founding Director

Kim is one of the founding directors of Help 2 Tell. With over 22 years of experience working with children and families in fostering and adoption as a social worker, therapist, educator and manager, she holds various degrees including her Bachelor of Social Work/ Bachelor of Psychology and is a registered Social Worker. Professionally, Kim has worked as an Operational Manager and Senior Manager of Fostering Services.

With a warm personality and an infectious laugh, she is able to form connections with others that puts them at ease. Her dreams are big and life is meant to be lived large.

Lisa Wilson

Founding Director

Lisa is the other founding director of Help 2 Tell.
Working for nearly 21 years in social work, Lisa has worked in a wide range of positions such as a drug and alcohol and domestic violence counsellor, social worker in children and families affected by disabilities, care manager and as a fostering social worker.

Lisa builds trust easily with her intent listening mixed with warmth and humour. She knows how to take big ideas and turn them into reality. She enjoys editing, movies and games of any sort.