Example Poem

This is the story of how 1 became 2.

How I waited and searched, until I found you.

The minute we met, I knew we belonged together.

Adopted and loved, we found our forever.


We did start our lives a distance apart.

Some children need help, to have a good start.

Sweet Pea, that’s how it was for you at first.

The helpers they worried and feared for the worst. 


While the idea of you was growing in my heart.

We were having a jumpy, bumpy, difficult start.

Your tummy mummy grew you, her name was Joanne.

But she wasn’t taught how to make very good plans.


She loved you Sweet Pea, but no matter how many times tried,

As a parent she couldn’t do it, she wasn’t able to provide.

Stephen also helped to make you my dear.

But couldn’t look after himself, so he’s not even here.


Joanne chose Payton and Stan for your name.

I chose Jasper like Grandpa, listen it’s the same!

The sound of your name is a magical one.

Let’s say it out loud, go on, just for fun.


The helpers said, “Payton this simply won’t do.

But Jenny and Jim know how to look after you.”

Meanwhile, I was still searching for my baby boy, now who could that be?

He has a bear Sammy, not a fish or a cat in a tree.


The helpers met me. They said you’re perfect, just right.

I have found my child Payton, I said with delight.

And with a cuddle and a kiss, we need no more.

We have found our happy ever after, our forevermore.


I love you Payton!

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